At Humans Being, we prioritise sustainability by utilising materials that protect the planet without compromising the consumer’s needs. At the moment, our garments are made from natural or recycled materials, such as pesticide-free organic cotton or Antex, a recycled nylon produced from plastic bottles and although this is helpful, we know that it is not enough.

Our materials innovation project will ensure that our products are exclusively made from bio and plant-based fabrics in the near future to help combat this issue.

How we dye

All our fabrics our dyed with low impact eco-friendly dyes which have a lower impact on the environment than conventional synthetic dyes. There are no harmful chemicals in our dyes and they require less rinsing and are more absorbent which means less water! We’re very proud that all our products achieve OEKO-TEX standard 100 certification.

Our Recycled Polyester

We’re not settling for switching to recycled polyester as our long-term goal as we want to reduce our carbon footprint and be kind to our planet by using more bio-based materials.

Our Seamless Curve collection uses Antex Ynviron yarn which is made up of post-consumer and post-industrial waste to create a recycled polyester yarn as well as meeting Oeko-tex standard 100.

All of our recycled products hold a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate which verifies the recycled content within our products as well as ensuring that no harmful chemicals have been used.