Let's talk impact Human to Human

Embracing innovative materials

We reject fast fashion through quality, premium pieces that are build to last. Our traceable supply chain ensures all materials and garments are ethically made, and every piece purchased can be returned for recycling. Nothing goes to waste.

Designed with you in mind

Made to move with you as you work, work out and go out. Our 360° contoured designs wrap around your body, making you look good from every angle.

Turn climate change Upside Down

By buying these leggings, you won't be adding carbon to the atmosphere


Humans reusing, Humans recycling

Humans caring, Humans being

Working for the end of more

All our garments are made from natural or recycled materials like organic cotton, free from all pesticides, or Antex, a recycled nylon made from plastic bottles and other consumer waste.

Dedicated to giving back

Every garment sold contributes to the Humans Being Foundation, dedicated to the purchase of rainforest to protect this vital eco system that provides clean air and life-saving medicines.